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In class with Mr. Clinker

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The talisman of Devnya Cement, Mr. Clinker, congratulated the first- and second graders of “Vasil Levski” School in Devnya on the occasion of the First day of school.

In order to bring a cheerful mood to the 121 kids who are worried about their new venture, he went into their classrooms to greet them and wish them good luck. The children were extremely happy and eager to touch the quirky hero. They all took pictures of memories that were skillfully printed on tea cups to remind them of this wonderful moment. We wish the young students a very successful and exciting school year!

Mr. Clinker was part of ECO Performance in Varna Sea Garden

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On June 15th, 2019, the actress and director Iva Paneva, author of children’s plays, together with Mr. Clinker participated in ECO Performance at the National Astronomical Observatory and Planetarium “Nikolay Kopernik” in Varna. Children from Varna and Kavarna learned about the benefits of recycling, participated in theatrical, art and dance workshops. The project is implemented by “Our World” Association with the support of the National Culture Fund program “Publics”.

Prestigious “green” award for Mr.Clinker

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The National Competition “The Greenest Companies of Bulgaria” presented for 8 consecutive years awards to the most responsible companies, municipalities and non-governmental organizations in the country.

Once again Devnya Cement AD, the founder of the museum, was awarded this year as the prestigious 1st place in the category Industry and Production Sector with the project “The Road of Waste” – an interactive children’s museum. Read More

Mr. Clinker visited “Vasil Levski” Secondary School in the town of Devnya

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Mr. Clinker visited “Vasil Levski” Secondary School in the town of Devnya to invite all students between the 1st and 5th grade to visit the museum. The children met the green hero who told them about his cause and about the museum. Many positive emotions and smiles accompanied the kids’ meeting with Mr. Clinker, and he himself received the honorable privilege of beating the bell to announce the beginning of the break.

Official opening of the children’s museum

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The opening of “The Path of Waste” Interactive Museum in the town of Devnya was accompanied by many children’s smiles and laughter. The first visitors who attended the puppet theater screenplayed by Iva Paneva were fifth-graders from “Vasil Levski” Secondary School. Even the grown-up guests of the opening could not resist the great performance and stayed to watch it together with the children. Read More

Alternative fuels

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Every day large amounts of household and industrial waste are disposed of at landfills in Bulgaria. Meanwhile, cities and towns continue to expand and often overload local waste management systems. Unfortunately, this is now a common practice in Bulgaria. In many European countries, however, landfill of waste is reduced to zero and waste is used as an alternative fuel. The capital of Austria, Vienna, is one of the examples of how an entire city uses its non-recyclable waste for heating. Read More

Защо е важно да рециклираме пластмасите, които изхвърляме

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Всички знаем, че пластмасите са навсякъде около нас- пием от пластмасови бутилки, мием зъбите си с пластмасови четки за зъби, пишем с пластмасови химикали, дори се возим в коли, по-голямата част от които е също направена от пластмаса. Това е така, защото пластмасите са много леки, лесни за производство и обработка, водоустойчиви и практически приложими във всички сфери на съвременния живот. Могат да имитират дърво, метал и дори стъкло. Read More

Пътят на боклука

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Вероятно много от вас са чували за новите модерни методи за оползотворяване на отпадъците и за превръщането им в друг материал, необходим за изработката на нови продукти. Какъв обаче е техният път от контейнера за боклук до камиона, натоварен с преработен материал, готов за използване отново, малцина знаят. Ето и цялото пътешествие на отпадъците, които изминават много стъпки докато се преобразят тотално и се превърнат в изходен продукт отново. Read More