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Magdalena Gocheva

Mr. Clinker was participant in a regional forum under the slogan “Business – Strength for Good”

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Mr. Clinker was participant in the first for 2019 regional forums of the UN Global Compact Network Bulgaria under the slogan “Business – Strength for Good”, which took place on June 26th in partnership with Solvay Sodi, host of the event, University of Economics – Varna and Varna Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
The purpose of the forum is to show how business can be a strength for good by presenting a series of successful practices that professionals from different industry sectors share with the audience during a panel discussion.
Mr. Clinker presented in an extremely attractive and impressive way the interactive children’s museum “The Path of Waste” and took up the ovations of the public
At the end of the event, all guests were invited to an organized tour in the soda plant of Solvey Sodi.
The forum gave publicity to the good practices in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility for local companies, showing that these partnerships create shared value for business and society.

Mr. Clinker was special guest at a student contest titled “Your waste is my raw material”

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On May 3, 2019 representatives of Devnya Cement took part in the competition “The new professions in the circular economy requiring creativity and innovation” on the subject: “Your waste is my raw material”, involving 67 students (in 31 teams) from 8th to 12th grade from the Professional High Schools from Varna District. During the competition the participants had the opportunity to make presentations and show models on the announced topic in the scope of culinary, fashion and design, construction, new technologies, which were evaluated by a competent jury with representatives from the Municipality of Varna, Varna Regional Management of Education, Varna Technical University, Varna Free University, as well as representatives from Agropolychim, Veolia Energy Varna, Devnya Cement, Solvay Sodi and companies from the branch.

On behalf of Devnya Cement, part of the jury were Dimitrina Serbezova, Environment Manager and Daniela Hristova, Plant ecologist. Special guest of the event was Mr. Clinker, who handed the certificates from Varna Regional Management of Education and awarded the winning team selected by Devnya Cement for their project for production of biogas from manure. The prizes were carefully selected according to the theme of the competition, made of ecological and recycled materials, all branded with both Mr. Clinker’s and company’s logo.

We use the case to draw again the attention to the environmental protection, which is beneficial for everyone and depends on our common efforts to continually improve our activities and environmental achievements.